F3ND1MUS NFT Research Discord Server

2 min readFeb 12, 2022


F3ND1MUS NFT research discord server image from the launch mint alert channel

First off, here is the discord link, permanent invite: https://discord.gg/TTvhyUumcm

Second, you are welcome.

What do I do, and who am I?

I’m a life long gamer, and nft gamer, play to earn believer. sounds stupid when I write it out…

The discord will have the research from my journeys across the internet searching for the newest best games that have what I think are the best chances to succeed, obviously subjective, and not investment advice but simply research to use if needed or wanted.

The best part is its all FREE.

Here is an example of the discord so far:

Tweet streams

tweet streams image from f3nd1mus nft research discord server

NFT Games Public, NFT Games Alpha and Beta, <work in progress>

There is also an alerts channel for public launches and mints from various projects, with dates, times and cost in the near future, again work in progress.

DAOs, crypto dev tools, crypto assets, and then various other youtube channel, learning to code, and other things I found useful along the journey but may get cleaned up along the way.

In conclusion, I look forward to people joining and being helped to find projects they want to invest in or research further, and seeing how projects are coming along, as things get rugged or cancelled ill add that as well as we are still early in the process, and updates about the discord server and nft games in general will be published in this medium <whatever the proper word is container/thread/profile???>

Thank you for your time, have a great day, may the nft gods bless you, and you also.